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Our attempt to enter into the Food & Beverage industry was driven by the recognition that economies in developing countries are expanding at a very rapid rate, with enlarging middle class communities and increasing disposable incomes.

In a fast growing world, we have recognized the need for packaged food,buffet food of good quality and at affordable prices.

THE KENDURI, caters to this market segment with the ardent desire that “eating well should not be the preserve of the more affluent and that good food and eating enjoyment should be open to all”.

THE KENDURI products are the result of our extensive research, containing only the choicest ingredients from around the globe. THE KENDURI’s quality commitment is reflected in its exceptional taste. Savour the taste every time you use it.

THE KENDURI product range has been selected with thought and care to provide the everyday consumer a full meal option.

Thank you for visiting; we invite you to try us,

Director - Muhammad Nur Arham Bin Mohd Ruslan
Management Team

Best Experience Management

En Azhar Bin Abdul Rahman

General Manager The Kenduri Group

011 1625 1504

Nur Atiqa

Human Resources Manager The Kenduri Group

016 714 1504

Siti Syahira

Account Manager The Kenduri Group

010 282 1504

Puan Najihah

Event Manager The Kenduri Group

016 267 1504

Mohd Hizwan Bin Mohamad

Marcom Manager The Kenduri Group

019 286 4636

Ain Nadia

Purchasing Manager The Kenduri Group

016 732 1504

Chef Fahmi

Executive Chef The Kenduri Group

011 2711 4750

Bill Azman

Public Relation Officer

011 6076 0778


Puan Norashikin

AR Executive

019 267  0616

Syed Marzuqi

Account Assistant

019 256 8817

Aiman Sulhi

Account Executive

014 638 1504

Expert Team

The Kenduri Wedding Planner

Puan Atiqah

Wedding Planner

016 256 1504


Wedding Planner

016 226 1504


Farah Haleeda

Wedding Planner

016 736 1504

Nurul Syazwani

Wedding Planner

016 231 1504

Nurul Amirah

Wedding Planner

016 232 1504


Wedding Planner

011 3128 1504

Expert Team

The Kenduri Event Coordinator

Puan Salina

Event Coordinator

016 751 1504


Event Coordinator

016 245 1504


Event Coordinator

016 751 1504

Expert Team

The Kenduri Media

Amirul Azmi

Media Executive

016 252 1504

Ariff Ruslan

Videographer & Editor

019 349 5422

Aris Putra

Graphic Designer Editor

011 1017 0516

Food and Beverage Department

The Kenduri Maintenance & Housekepping


Store Keeper

014 917 1504



018 360 3221

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